Meet the 2016 HERlead Fellows

Fellows 2016


I am a junior in Morristown, New Jersey. I love being able to give back to my community by empowering children of low income families to work hard in school in order to achieve their dreams and gain educational opportunities. Some of my passions include volunteering at my local hospital and tutoring students.


I am a junior at Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. I am passionate about empowering children through art and art history as a vehicle for expression and a sense of identity. I have launched this initiative at the Amigos de Jesus Orphanage in Honduras, and I am planning to extend it to Latin American schools in my community. My other interests include journalism, tennis and DIY projects.


I am a junior at Dulaney High School in Timonium, Maryland. I enjoy playing the violin and badminton, learning about current global events and giving back to my community. I am passionate about human rights and environmental protection, and I value the importance of an education in all core subjects, but especially one that is commonly overlooked – music.


I am a sophomore from Princeton, New Jersey. Debating is a large part of my life, and I love to research and exchange ideas with different people! I hope to make an impact in my community by making debate more inclusive and accessible to everyone. Some of my other interests include painting, photography and writing for my school newspaper. 


I am a sophomore from Cupertino High School in Cupertino, California. I am passionate about solving social problems through technology and advancing and supporting women in technology. Through this mission, I have led "SheCodess" boot camps with help from mentors and guest speakers to teach girls valuable computing and business concepts in order to break technology stereotypes. Some of my hobbies include reading and dancing.


I am a junior from Vestavia Hills High School in Birmingham, Alabama. Through thirteen years of playing soccer, I have developed an understanding of the importance of fitness and healthy living. I am the president of Youth Leadership Vestavia Hills, which seeks to create community and combat bullying within my high school, and I am actively involved in the Alabama High School Athletic Association Student Leadership Council.


I am a sophomore at Assumption High School in Louisville, Kentucky. Participating in clubs at my school and volunteering around my city has made me passionate about empowering the community to make a difference, advocating for acceptance of ourselves and others and promoting the idea that mental health is as important as physical health. Some of my hobbies include writing, exercising and working in theatre shows at my school.


I am a sophomore from Normal Community High School in Normal, Illinois. I grew up with a love of reading that led me to become passionate about every child receiving a quality education. This spring I pursued that passion by starting a Reach Out And Read initiative in my community to increase childhood literacy. I am also an active member of my high school’s speech and mock trial teams. 


I am a junior at Castilleja School in Palo Alto, California. I enjoy working with the youth of my community and helping them realize the importance of pursuing a higher education. It is my goal to use technology to give them the opportunities necessary to excel inside and outside of the classroom. During my free time, I enjoy reading, running and spending time with my loved ones.


I am a sophomore at Laurel Springs School, and I split my time between Chattanooga, Tennessee and Burbank, California, where I am a professional actor. I created a program where I teach theatrical improv to at-risk kids to promote self confidence and language skills, and I see the value of the performing arts in addressing my community’s needs. I enjoy reading, singing, classical ballet and all kinds of adventure sports.

Bridget M.

 I am a sophomore at Moorhead High School in Moorhead, Minnesota. I am actively involved in my school's theater department and Kiwanis Key Club. I'm also a National Speech and Debate Tournament Qualifier. Through my speech team I have been able to discover my love for politics which has opened my eyes to the injustices in the world and sparked my passion for improving women's health on an international level.

Bridget W.

I am a junior at Metuchen High School in Metuchen, New Jersey. I am passionate about politics, and I am currently serving as the junior class treasurer in my school's student government. During my summers, I volunteer at a summer camp for underprivileged kids from around New Jersey. I have started a literacy program to help these kids improve their math and reading skills while they are not in school.


I am a sophomore at Ursuline Academy in Dallas, Texas. I enjoy reading, writing, volunteering, dancing and traveling the globe. I am passionate about helping others improve their lives through literacy. I hope to develop a tutoring program that will enable refugee children and their parents to acquire the reading and writing skills that they need to pursue education and employment opportunities.


I am a junior at Whitney M. Young Magnet High School in Chicago, IL. I founded Acting for Gender Equality, an organization that promotes intersectional feminism through discussions, speakers and service projects. I think compassion comes from understanding other people's lived experiences, so AGE's mission is to create a more educated and accepting community.


As a junior at the Garden City High School in Garden City, New York, I have been serving people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities through the Best Buddies Club and Camp Anchor since I was in seventh grade. My service on Executive Committee of the Mary Brennan Youth Advisory Board drives my other passion: helping the hungry and homeless. I play field hockey and golf, and I teach skiing.


I am a junior at Convent of the Sacred Heart in New York City. I am passionate about utilizing technology for social good through 3D printed prosthetics. I also enjoy soccer and photography. 


I am a junior from Lexington, Massachusetts. I am passionate about serving the needs of my community as project leader for my hunger campaign “Power of Change,” peer leader in my school’s drug prevention program and debate mentor. I am also a volleyball player and senator in Lexington High School’s Student-Faculty Senate. I love to ski, dance and bake!


I am a junior at Parkway South High School in St. Louis, Missouri. I am president of the National Honors Society chapter at my school and started a club called The Impact, which focuses on community service. I also play lacrosse and field hockey, and sing in my school choir. I am passionate about human rights and ensuring that everyone has the opportunity for success.


I am a sophomore and cheerleader currently attending Ramstein High School in Ramstein, Germany. My whole life I have been a military brat living overseas, which has also allowed me to travel and explore different cultures. This lifestyle has taught me about diversity and how to be a flexible person in different situations. I am passionate about reducing the struggles military children experience while adjusting to a new home.


I am a junior at Lutheran High School North in St. Louis, Missouri. I am passionate about bringing more awareness to bullying and putting an end to it through Bash Out Bullying, an organization I founded. I love volunteering and helping others. In school I cheer for football and basketball, and run track. In my free time I love shopping and spending time with family and friends.


I am a junior from Adela Rolón Fuentes High School in Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. I love finding ways to improve the quality of people's lives and create a better world, which has led me to participate in community projects and research work. I’m passionate about social sciences and everything they include. I enjoy photography and writing in my free time.


I am a sophomore at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Texas. I am passionate about theatre and the effect it has in transforming lives. I want to use elements of theatre with therapeutic techniques to provide a uniquely beneficial experience for kids with disabilities.


I am a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio. If my head is not in a good book, I am running, learning science or playing my violin! I started afterschool music programs at elementary schools to give kids an opportunity to learn music from early childhood. 


I am a sophomore at Cass Technical High School in Detroit, Michigan. My passion is reducing health disparities in underserved communities. I am a Youth Wellness Ambassador for the Generation With Promise program, and I am a member Doctors of Tomorrow. When I’m not advocating for change, I enjoy blogging, performing spoken word and running track.


I am a junior at Wolcott School in Chicago, Illinois. Founding a garden club, I discovered my passion for nutrition and secured three garden grants to fund the club. Through the club we collaborated with a local farm-to-table company to make sure that the produce from our garden will feed students and encourage healthy eating. I enjoy creating delicious food and singing with others.


I am a sophomore at UMS-Wright in Mobile, Alabama. I am passionate about helping abused children in my community.  My sisters and I have worked to promote social activism among adolescents in our community to help those who are most vulnerable.  


I am a junior at Ronald Reagan High School in San Antonio, Texas. I am passionate about bridging divides between diverse communities by addressing issues like racism and sexism. I’m an intersectional feminist and believe in equality for everyone, which has led me to contribute to the social justice community in my school and local community. My goals consist of empowering young women to pursue their passions and fight prejudice. 


I am a junior from Portland, Oregon who aspires to give voice to the voiceless. Frustrated by the dearth of impactful media platforms for teen journalists, I founded WANT, a news, sports and entertainment website that aggregates the best in youth journalism from school newspapers and teen bloggers worldwide. I aim to empower the innovative, entrepreneurial STEM spirit of middle school girls by launching a summer start-up camp.​


I am a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. I am dedicated to bettering my community through volunteer ventures including my position as the president of a non-profit guild that raises money for uncompensated care at Children’s Hospital. My hobbies range from horseback riding competitively, reading as many books as my leisure time allows and memorizing fun facts and information (you never know when 200 digits of pi might come in handy!).


I am a junior from Orange County, California. My passions include tutoring low-income communities and being an active part of Relay for Life, which provides support for those touched by cancer. I have an interest in working with disadvantaged women and underprivileged youths. 


I am a junior at Upper Merion Area High School in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. My program, Forte Family, works to integrate students with special needs into their school's music program. I am developing ForteFones, a company that employs adults with disabilities to create custom wrapped headphones, which helps fund Forte Family. My interests include advocating for people with disabilities, writing music, singing, piano, business, technology, cheerleading and graphic design.


I am a junior in the International Baccalaureate Program at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia. I have been passionate about medicine for as long as I can remember and aim to inspire young women to engage in STEM-related fields. I aspire to start a nonprofit that promotes global health standards in countries with insufficient medical processes. My hobbies include martial arts, tennis, piano and viola.


I am a junior at Emma Willard School in Troy, New York. I love to play cello at school and in a youth orchestra, sing in choir and write science columns for my school paper. I am particularly interested in the intersection of mental health and public policy, and I am passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental illness through educational programs for high school students.


I am a junior from Ridgefield, Connecticut. Recently, I lost my brother Ryan in a plane crash, and I have learned what it means to be alone. I am passionate about creating a place where kids afflicted with similar circumstances can come together to share their stories, find support and lean on each other. Nobody should have to suffer the profound loneliness that accompanies losing a sibling.


I am a sophomore at Peachtree Ridge High School in Suwanee, GA where I am the Outreach Chair for our student council executive board.  I have founded a program that helps provide food for high school students and their families that are in need. I am passionate about assisting others in my community and helping connect them with valuable resources. I enjoy fashion, staying active and community service. 


I am a sophomore at Episcopal School of Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. I believe in equality and human rights for all people. I am the founder of a club at my school called Students To End Prejudice (STEP) to help students combat racism and face oppression in school and to provide a safe place for people to voice their opinions. I enjoy running cross country and visual arts.


I am a junior from Matthews, North Carolina with a passion for surpassing culture’s expectations of what students can do now to better our world. Through an ongoing project, which I founded and led, I have helped transform a once dingy, disposable shipping container into refuge for Native Americans in South Dakota, making a difference in my own community and another a thousand miles away.


I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and I am a junior in high school. As a Mexican immigrant, I am passionate about educating my community on human rights and empowering young women and men to speak out against sexual assault. I serve as the percussion section leader in my school band, and I am happiest playing the marimba, spending time with my family and eating new foods. 


I am a junior from Atlanta, Georgia. After visiting India and volunteering at a school there, I felt that there was a need for desks and chairs. All of the children sat on the cold, concrete floor. I started a project called Booster Seat to provide desks and chairs for public schools in India. I am also an avid tennis player looking to play college tennis.


I am a junior at Manhasset High School in Manhasset, New York. I am an aspiring artist who loves science. I have noticed that academic curricula tend to isolate science from beauty and art, but I believe the fields are essential to each other and my goal is to demonstrate that to the world. I enjoy running and travel, and my dream is to travel into outer space. 


I am a junior at Needham High School in Needham, Massachusetts. In everything I do, I try to empower others to succeed. I believe that education is the pathway to success and that equal access to education is essential. With this, I have traveled to and partnered with various communities in Guatemala, working to improve their quality of education. Outside of this service, I enjoy diving, tutoring and coaching gymnastics. 


I am a sophomore at Pine Crest School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am a Teen Advisor for the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up campaign. I founded an afterschool program called CoderGals, where high school female mentors teach elementary school girls how to code. I am passionate about closing the gender gap in STEM and creating equal opportunities for girls everywhere.


I am a sophomore at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Connecticut. My passion for alleviating food insecurity and world hunger sparked from annually organizing numerous food drives within my community and collecting over 12,000 goods. Outside of school, I am a Youth Leader on the Roots & Shoots National Youth Leadership Council of The Jane Goodall Institute, I am a Taekwondo black belt, I play the bassoon and I love to read.


I am a sophomore at Greenville Technical Charter High School in Greenville, South Carolina. I founded an organization called the Youth Interfaith, which promotes inter-religious understanding and cooperation among high school and college students through bi-monthly dialogue events and community service projects. I am also passionate about giving youth a voice, which is why I am an active member of my school's Speech and Debate team.


I am a junior from Toronto, Ontario. Some of my hobbies include reading and playing soccer. I am passionate about ending the stigma around mental health, and I am currently part of a team of students who raise awareness for, and work against, bullying and mental health issues through various in-school and online campaigns.


I am a sophomore at George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Advancing my strength in mathematics and statistics has greatly impacted my passion for leading other young students to similar career paths. I’m also involved in mentoring youths, learning digital editing techniques and participating in the sophomore council.


I am a sophomore at Middle Creek High School in Apex, North Carolina. I am passionate about social justice and strongly believe that everyone is equal and should be treated so! I love playing lacrosse for my high school team and being an active member of my school's student government. In my down time I enjoy volunteering, reading and spending time with my friends and family. 


I am a junior at Redmond High School in Sammamish, Washington. The stigma surrounding mental health disorders in teenagers is a problem that affects communities across the world. I believe that every child should have their voice heard as a healthy generation of children will lead to a healthy generation of adults.


I am a junior at the Lycée Français de New York, where I founded a club entitled "Art Against Violence." This club speaks directly to issues of human rights, such as domestic and sexual violence, as our members create a voice for the oppressed through their art.  I am passionate about using art to advocate for human rights in the U.S. as well as in Lebanon among Syrian refugees.


I am a junior from Whippany, New Jersey. I love math and computer science, and I hope to bridge the gender gap in these fields through media and journalism. I am currently the editor-in-chief of my school’s newspaper, and I run a female empowerment blog called Project GirlSpire. I also served as the state historian for Future Business Leaders of America and was a New Jersey Governor’s STEM Scholar.