Get Involved.

Find out how you can get involved with different opportunities as a HERlead Fellow.



Each year, 30 high school sophomores and juniors are invited to attend the Leadership Forum, a 4-day communications and leadership training conference hosted at the ANN Brands’ headquarters in New York City. Fellows meet with influential ANN Brands and ascena leaders, global female activists, and trailblazers in business, politics, entertainment and media. Throughout the week, Fellows are exposed to unique leadership and communications training and presentations on real-world challenges, and are tasked to work together to find solutions. Each HERlead Fellow is given the chance to learn her personal leadership style to help her put their best self forward every single day.



Following the Forum, HERlead Fellows return to their communities and put their training into action. They develop projects to address pressing societal issues that range from economic empowerment to the environment, public health, education, political and public leadership, and human rights.

Selected project ideas receive Project Grant funding to help bring them to life. To date, the HERlead Fellowship has funded 246 projects which have impacted more than 70,000 people in 20 countries around the world. All past Fellows are encouraged to apply.

Click here to check out the impactful projects we’ve funded so far.



Twenty Leadership Forum alumni are invited to participate in the biennial Ambassador Forum, a 4-day intensive capacity-building Forum, to further develop their leadership skills. At the Ambassador Forum, Fellows receive in-depth, hands on training on specific topics such as communications, strategic planning, marketing/PR, measurement, budgeting and financing. Fellows who participate in this program earn the title of HERlead Ambassador.

HERlead Ambassadors are champions of the Fellowship and serve as mentors and inspiration for the other young women in the HERlead network.