Hannah is a junior at Williamsville East from Buffalo, New York. She is the club founder and president of The Seneca at her local high school. As president, she advocates for greater awareness on issues beyond girls’ lack of education that have arisen from gender-discriminatory rhetoric, law, and culture. The organization strives to push women’s rights to the forefront of the public eye, initiating discussions on issues that are often left undiscussed in the classroom, such as the Pink Tax, the #MeToo Movement, and teen relationship violence. As an aspiring non-profit organizer, Hannah’s goal is to prevent teen relationship violence by creating a website with resources for victims. Hannah is most excited to learn about issues other HERlead fellows care about that are necessary to introduce to The Seneca while also learning specific initiatives at the HERlead Forum from mentors that can help her create change in her community!


My HERlead Project provides sexual health education and promotes healthy discourse around domestic abuse, encouraging both women and men to vocalize problems and come up with solutions.