Jacqueline is a junior at the Delaware Military Academy in Wilmington, Delaware, where she takes multiple college courses. She is passionate about advocating for STEM education because she lives in a part of Wilmington called Southbridge, where, unfortunately, only 40% of students graduate high school. She wants to provide a different picture of what life could be like to those who are only seeing a future of limited potential. Jacqueline is the founder of the Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative, an organization dedicated to getting young girls involved in STEM through hands-on workshops. As the founder of the organization, she also leads the girls in science experiments at the workshops she hosts. In her community, Jacqueline is known as the “STEM Queen” who hosts Girls Empowerment STEM events. As an aspiring neurosurgeon, Jacqueline’s goal is to graduate high school with a perfect 4.0 GPA and get a full ride to the university of her choice. In her free time, Jacqueline enjoys teaching herself how to speak and sing in Japanese; she hopes to travel to Japan one day!