I am a sophomore from San Jose, CA and I am immensely passionate about leveraging my voice to create a platform for causes I strongly believe in — specifically those regarding women’s rights and politics. As president of my school’s chapter of the UNF Girl Up campaign, I host events at my school that help to meet the needs of girls around the world and in my immediate community. Since my freshman year, I have served as the head Parliamentary debate captain for my nationally-ranked high school debate team, where I teach future generations of debaters the skills they need to not only excel in debate, but also to become strong leaders in our community who speak up for the underrepresented. When I’m not traveling everywhere competing in debate tournaments, I love reading about history and writing poetry.



My HERlead Project aims to bridge the economic inaccessibility to Speech and Debate education and competition through working with local school districts and Boys and Girls Clubs to provide free workshops for underserved student communities across the Greater Bay Area.