Maria is a Junior at Cypress Falls High School from Houston, Texas. She’s passionate about helping immigrants in her community and empowering them to be successful in the school system and the community.  Maria is the student CEO of The Global Scholars Leadership Conference whose mission is to develop and inspire new arrival students to be the leaders of their schools and communities. Her role as CEO is to organize the event, keep track of the various teams’ progress and to be in charge of  PR for the event. She leads and mentors other students to put on a conference once a year. As an aspiring lawyer, Maria’s goals is to make people get the rights they deserve. In her free time Maria enjoys reading novels and creative writing. Maria is most excited to learn how to get community engagement, pitch ideas to adults and lead at various levels at the HerLead Forum. In her school, Maria is known as the Leader of many new arrival students that like her, came to this country to reach their dreams.