I am a senior from Colorado, and an avid Jane Austen, e. e. cummings and Eminem fan. I enjoy volunteering at a local hospital — where I get to put my Spanish language skills to use — and captaining my speech & debate team to victory. I am passionate about changing the world through technology, especially closing the gender gap in the computer science and engineering fields. In my future, I hope to use my computer science background to create technologies that will help people in developing countries to receive basic resources, such as access to medical care.

My HERlead Project: Bridging the Gender Gap in the Field of Technology

My project will invite 4th and 5th grade girls to an introductory workshop on technology and technical careers. The workshop will include hands-on activities that build participants’ confidence in their technical skills, and provide a support network. The workshop will include training on how to deal with the gender gap in both the classroom and the workforce.