Nikita is a sophomore at Basha High School from Chandler, Arizona. She is passionate about increasing gender equality in STEM fields, specifically targeting underrepresented groups of women because growing up, she attended STEM classes in which boys made up the dominating group. Nikita is the President/Co-Founder of Girl STEMpowerment with the mission of helping girls change their mindset about what it is they can do and who they can be, thus showing them more options in the direction they want to go, whether in STEM or other fields. Her role as President is to oversee all operations that occur within the Girl STEMpowerment, which ranges from managing members of the organization to overlooking the development of workshops and their content. As an aspiring engineer, Nikita’s goal is to mitigate constricting stereotypes and gender bias present in STEM fields today.


I will provide STEM workshops and work with students to address common stereotypes about gender biases and stigmas regarding women working in STEM fields.