Riya is a junior from Darien, CT, a suburb of New York City. She is the founder of Wavve, a Gen-Z social impact platform that helps mentor and launch social ventures founded by teens in underserved communities. Riya founded Wavve after observing that many of her peers’ novel solutions to pertinent issues discussed in science fairs or policy debates were going unseen and undervalued, and this problem was magnified in low-income communities where lack of business education or role models bar teens from creating lasting change to help their communities. Riya’s particular interests in social impact and entrepreneurship inspired Wavve, a platform that seeks to broaden access to social impact across socioeconomic levels and harness the power of Gen-Z to create sustainable change. Riya hopes that through HERlead, she’ll be able to meet like-minded female changemakers and collaborate to empower each other.

My HERlead Project: WAVVE

My HERlead Project will help teenagers create financially stable and sustainable ventures. There will be a focus on mentorship, social entrepreneurship education, and creating a global network.


Political and Public Leadership