Meet the 2013 HERlead Fellows


I am a junior at Leonardtown High School in the Academy of Global and International Studies. I am passionate about helping others, school and swimming. I serve my community by organizing 5k runs to benefit the food bank, volunteering at the Thomas Stone National Historic Site, and organizing swim lessons for socioeconomically disadvantaged people.


I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and moved to Philadelphia when I was entering the 8th grade. I am currently a junior at Harriton High School, but I am doing a semester at The School for Ethics & Global Leadership in D.C.  I am passionate about genocide prevention and specifically, the atrocities occurring in Darfur. A fun fact about me is that I ran a half marathon last year for a children's home in Israel that I am extremely passionate about.


I am a junior at Interlake High School in Bellevue, WA. I am passionate about robotics and technology, which is why I am inspired to get more girls to explore science, math, robotics and technology through the non-profit I have founded called: TakeKnowledge. While I spend most of my time on robotics, developing electronic gadgets, reading magazines like Popular Science and Mental Floss, my favorite TV program is Cake Boss which has almost nothing to do with technology.


Born and raised in Albuqueruqe, I am a junior at Albuquerque Academy. I am a leader of my school’s community service Executive Board and Bible Club. I love running, reading, cooking with friends and family, and yoga. I am passionate about making a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of those around me!


I am a junior in high school and have lived in Gilroy, CA my entire life. I am vice president of a community service club at my school called Interact, and I am founder and president of a club that I started called Chicanos y Latinos Unidos. I am very passionate about encouraging Hispanics and other students of minority descent to seek success through education. A fun fact about me is that I have been a vegetarian for almost two years.


I was born and raised in the great sunflower state of Kansas. As a junior in rural Louisburg, I stay active in debate, select choir, Scholar's Bowl, and as director of the Leos Club, secretary of the Spanish Club, and percussion section leader of our marching band. I am passionate about my community service activities. Though I do not have room in my course schedule for art classes, one of my paintings hung in the Kansas State Capital for a special exhibition!


My name is Anjana, and I am a junior this year at Shorewood High School in Shorewood, WI. I am the Arts and Entertainment editor for my school newspaper, involved in Student Council, president of Chess Club, and part of the Model UN team. I am also involved in every branch of the science club: president of SMART Team, Lake Sturgeon Bowl, Science Olympiad, and Science Fair. I am a teen board member for the Girl Scouts of Southeast Wisconsin Council Board of Directors. I am most passionate about chess and Girl Scouting because these are two activities that have really helped shape who I am today.


I am from New Haven, CT. I am a passionate photojournalist, and I am constantly searching and thriving to know more, do more, photograph more, and experience more. I mentor inner-city elementary school students to create their own newspaper called the Celentano Sentinel, and I am also a staff reporter for the New Haven Independent. A fun fact about me is that I spent my summer in Peru, where I was attacked by a bull while I was riding a bike in the outskirts of Cusco.


I live in Pottstown, PA, and I am a junior at  Pottsgrove High School. I play tennis and enjoy reading. I am heavily involved in my community service club, Spark the Wave, and I love my dog!


I am a Hispanic American from Centreville, VA. I am currently a sophomore at Westfield High School, where I run track, volunteer with the Key Club, and serve as my class treasurer. I am very passionate about reading, volunteering and traveling. A fun fact about me is that I hold a first degree black belt in Taekwondo.


I am a junior in high school from a little Bavarian tourist town called Leavenworth in the middle of Washington State. I am involved in many academic teams at my school such as science bowl and speech and debate, and I am passionate about women's rights around the world and protecting the environment. Fun facts about me are that I can recite pi to the 100th digit, I was born on a leap year so I have only had four birthdays, and I have climbed the three tallest mountains in Washington.


I am a high school junior in Brooklyn, NY. At school I am involved in Student Council, the student newspaper, the Step Team, Campus Ministry, and Inner Glow (an empowerment club for girls). My greatest passions are law, education, women's rights and community outreach. Outside of school I enjoy volunteering for the City Council, and on Saturdays, helping to coach an elementary school step team. My motto is, dare to dream! I hope to one day open my own organization helping young girls believe in their dreams.


I am a junior at State College Area High School. I am currently involved with the marketing program, and a business club entitled 'DECA', and I perform yearly speeches at the national level with my youth group. I am passionate about marketing. Two fun facts about me are: 1) Sleepless In Seattle is my all time favorite romance movie and 2) If I do not have one cup of coffee in the morning, it is automatically a bad day.


My name is Ellie, and I am from Greensboro, North Carolina. I am a junior at Greensboro Day School. I am a team member of both the field hockey and lacrosse teams as well as a participant in the musical productions at my school. I am currently in the process of launching my social venture project, Girls for Girls, which aims to empower young girls in my community through a mentoring program. I am extremely passionate about international affairs, current events, and of course, the empowerment of women worldwide. I have two older sisters whom I love very much -- even when we spat over clothing exchanges from time to time!


I live in Great Falls, Virginia, which is a suburb of Washington, D.C. I am a junior at St. Andrew's Episcopal School, and my favorite activity is the school newspaper, The Mane News, where I serve as the associate editor-in-chief. I am passionate about creative writing. A fun fact about me is that I am the only girl born on my father’s side of our family in over 120 years.

Emily Rose

I believe in the empowerment of students with disabilities and at-risk adolescents. I am managing a vocational program that provides students with disabilities the opportunity to experience meaningful employment where social skills and creativity are encouraged. In 1999, I moved from Oxford, England to Acton, Massachusetts, where I am currently a junior in high school.


I have lived in Mansfield my whole life, and I am a junior at Mansfield High School. My favorite activities are French club, Rachel's Challenge, skiing and dance. A fun fact about me is that I have a twin brother, Brian, whom I am very close to!


I am from Harrison, New York. I am a junior, and I was captain of my tennis team. I am passionate about educating young women about the opportunities they have to succeed. A fun fact about me is that when I was nine years old, I was bitten by a rattlesnake.


My name is Jennifer, and I was born in Nigeria but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently a junior at D.M. Therrell High School of Health, Science and Research. My favorite hobbies are reading and writing. A fun fact about me is that I understand an African language called Igbo, but can't speak it!


I was born in Toronto, Canada, but I moved to Philadelphia at a young age. I am currently a sophomore at Great Valley High School. I am passionate about the environment, social justice, public policy and politics. At school I am involved in Mock Trial, Academic Challenge, Model United Nations, Future Business Leaders of America and Lions Club. I also volunteer with Child Evangelism Fellowship.


I am from Louisville, Kentucky, and I am a Junior at Assumption High School. I am on the varsity swim team, and I also swim for a smaller summer swim league. I absolutely love being in the water. I am passionate about becoming a better "earth steward" and learning more about sustainable practices.  A fun fact about me is that Iron Man is by far my favorite movie-- I watch it every time it is on FX.


I live in Oceanport, NJ, a small town right by the water. Kortney Rose inspires me; she was nine years old when she passed away due to cancer, and she was so brave. I started beading when I was about 6 years old, and I have loved it ever since. I work in a bead room during the summer because I see it as a way to help cancer patients. I would love to introduce others who need a relaxing activity to my hobby of beading.


I was born and raised in West Nyack, NY and moved to Vero Beach, FL where I am currently a junior in high school. I am very passionate about my organization,, a nonprofit which is committed to replaying millions of non-biodegradable used tennis balls that would otherwise be thrown away into our landfills. I also love photojournalism and serve as editor of the yearbook.


I am a sophomore at Drew Central High School in Monticello, Arkansas. I love playing piano and running in cross country. A fun fact about myself is that I have 10 pets at the moment!


I am currently a junior at Clovis High School located in Clovis, California. Since the fifth grade, I have been involved in varsity cheer leading and enjoy competing. During my free time, I love to shop and look at Pinterest for an unhealthy amount of time. I am passionate about the Kyndness4Kidz Project, and I hope to inspire others to contribute to their community as well.


I am from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, and I am the fifth child in a family of six siblings. I am currently in tenth grade at Juan Suarez Pelegrina High School.  As a Girl Scout I have received the Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal Awards as well as religious awards. I am passionate about volunteering and community service. At school, my academic interests are math, science and student organizations such as the National Honor Society and 4H Club, and after school I enjoy acting, dancing, singing, modeling and cooking. I have been a Girls Scout for the past ten years, and I am also a Venture Boy Scout.


I am currently a sophomore, and my hometown is Tallahassee, Florida. I play tennis and run. I am passionate about human rights, animal rights and the environment. A fun fact about me is that I am double jointed and can fold my tongue into a three-leaf clover.


I live in Stamford, CT and go to St. Luke's School, where I am in tenth grade. I am a black belt in Kempo Karate, and I love waterskiing and snow skiing.  I love working with kids, and participating on sports teams.  A fun fact about me is that I was born in Singapore.


I am a junior from Quincy High School, located in Quincy, which is only one train stop from Boston. I am involved in Student Council, MASC, Rotary Youth, Girl Scouts and Model UN. I am passionate about women in leadership, especially in STEM, business and politics. One fun fact about me is that I am the youngest of four girls!


I am a junior in high school from Eden Prairie, MN. I am really involved as a lawyer in my school's Mock Trial team and the golf team. I am also involved in both Model Assembly and Model United Nations programs. Additionally, I volunteer through a variety of organizations when opportunities arise, like Feed My Starving Children and my middle school’s junior high play. I started my own cake pop business which inspires me to teach younger girls business skills.


I am a sophomore at Concord High School located in Concord, NH. Out of the many activities that I am involved with, one that I enjoy very much is my internship at the New Hampshire State House shadowing Republican Rep. Lenette Peterson. I am very passionate about bullying in my community. A fun fact about me is that I have been elected as a lobbyist at a model district caucus in New Hampshire for high school students.


I live in Boston, Massachusetts and I like to think it is the best city in the world. I am a junior at Matignon High School, and I am an extremely active Girl Scout and Rainbow Girl. I am passionate about serving others and spreading love and joy to the people around me. Additionally, I absolutely love to bake and sew!


I am a sophomore at C. Milton Wright High School in Bel Air, Maryland. I am involved in many activities including varsity cross country, varsity track & field, Relay For Life and class council. Because of my experiences of living abroad in Southeast Asia, I enjoy traveling and learning about international issues.


I am a junior at Lincoln Park Academy, and I live in Fort Pierce, Florida, a town that I am proud to be a part of. I am very passionate about science, and I conduct scientific research at numerous environmental and agricultural laboratories. I have also played piano and tennis since I was five years old. I am inspired by those who empower themselves despite unfortunate circumstances. A fun fact about me is that am double jointed in my fingers, elbows and knees!


I was born in Charleston, South Carolina, and I moved to Atlanta when I was 10 years old. I am currently a sophomore at North Atlanta High School, and I love to participate in my orchestra! In my spare time I read and watch Downton Abbey. I am very passionate about making sure my friends are being cordial towards each other, and I am also passionate about people reading outside of school. A fun fact about me is that my birthday sometimes falls on Thanksgiving.


I am 18 years old, and a senior at Montgomery High School in central New Jersey. I am the youngest in my family-- I have an older brother and a sister in college.  I am a student educator and advocate for healthy teen relationships. I am most passionate about making positive and lasting change that empowers those that have felt they had no voice in the past. I am going to college to study nursing next year, and will continue to be a social activist.


I am a junior in high school in La Jolla, California, and I have lived in California for my entire life. I love visual media art (photography, graphic design, video), and I am very involved with the art scene at my school and in my community because both of my parents have made sure that art is a significant influence in my life. I am very passionate about science; I hope to be working in a lab at Salk Institute, Scripps or UCSD during the summer. I went to Paris last spring break with 14 French speakers from my school for an immersion program, and I was the only one in the group who did not have any knowledge of the language.


I am from the small, quirky college town that is Oberlin, Ohio. I am currently a junior at the local public high school, where I am heavily involved in the art program. Besides painting, I adore math and science, which I currently explore by assisting in a neuroscience lab at Oberlin College. I am an avid video gamer, and I will challenge the boys any day.


I am from Washington Heights, NY. I am a junior at Mother Cabrini. I am involved in many activities such as Color Guard, hand bell choir, ambassadors, Mission Leaders and more. I am passionate about fashion and changing the thoughts and emotions of people, helping in whatever way possible. A fun fact about me is that I have an obsession with Wonder Woman.


I am from Cranford New Jersey, I attend Cranford High School, and I am currently a junior. I am in several computer classes, and I love spending time at the TV studio where I work- editing videos and pictures. I love drawing and playing the piano.


I am originally from East Providence, RI but have lived in Pawtucket for about 6 years. I love music that includes singing and dancing. At school I love to get involved in as many activities that I can such as sports, volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club, and honors classes. One thing I am passionate about is youth and making sure that the next generation has positive role models in their lives.


I am currently a junior in high school, and live in Palo Alto, California. I attended The School for Ethics and Global Leadership last semester, where I began my plan to found an organization in my community that supports women's empowerment internationally. My favorite pastimes are running track and writing for my school newspaper, and I am most passionate about gender equality. I am fascinated by the evolution of languages, and want to eventually speak 5 languages fluently.


I am from Memphis, TN, and I am a junior in high school. I am a youth representative for my mosque's youth group. Something I am passionate about is education, especially for children and women. A fun fact about me is that I am a poetry fanatic, regardless of whether I am reading, writing or listening to it.


I am a junior at Hammondsport High School in upstate New York. I play volleyball, basketball and golf and am the president of my class and a member of the Girl Scouts. I am passionate about helping to close the gap between the elderly and the young, creating stronger bonds for the future.


I am a sophomore at Carrboro High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am really passionate about women's issues and rights and social justice here in the United States. I am in my school's Global Poverty Reading Group, and we have learned a lot about fighting global poverty. One day I hope to travel to every country in the Middle East extensively. I also enjoy riding horses.


I live in Amherst, MA, and I am a junior at Deerfield Academy. I am the front page editor of my school's newspaper, The Scroll. I am passionate about science research, and I spent my past summer at a university where I explored different human proteins that are implicated in cancer. I can also tap dance while jumping rope!


I grew up in Charlotte, NC, and currently live in Davidson. I am a Junior at Davidson Day School, and I am very involved in the theatre program there, as well as cheerleading, tennis and soccer. I also really enjoy community service, and I have been involved with Mecklenburg County Teen Court for many years. I love getting involved in school and programs, and I love working with little kids.


I am from San Diego, California. I am 17 years old and a junior. I love playing squash and tennis. I am passionate about reading and doing community service. A fun fact about me is that I have 9 pairs of glasses, all different colors.


I live in Central, Louisiana and I am a sophomore at Central High School. Everyone in my hometown was raised in the country, so yes, I do have an accent, but no, I do not have an alligator in my backyard as a pet. I am currently involved in Beta Club and hopefully next year I can run for Beta State Secretary. I am very friendly, I have never been shy around anyone new, and I love to meet new people. My favorite color is purple.


I am currently a junior at Houston County High School in Warner Robins, Georgia. I serve on the advisory board of the Darfur Dream Team, a national nonprofit organization that provides education to the refugees in war-torn Darfur. Passionate about education and helping others, I offer free tutoring to students in my community. I also love reading, playing piano and spending time with my grandparents.