Alliyah is a Junior at NYC iSchool. Alliyah is a Jamaican American youth advocate from the Bronx. She is honored to expand her leadership skills by participating in the HerLead 2019 Forum. She endlessly advocates for the rights of Black and Brown youth in her community because their stories are pushed aside. As an aspiring international rights worker, Alliyah’s dream is to work at the United Nations advocating for the rights of marginalized communities. ​Alliyah is the Director of Youth Outreach at Youth Over Guns which is a student lead coalition to end gun violence in communities like her own. ​Alliyah is an active member of the NYCLU’s Teen Activist Project where she is able to advocate for her communities needs on a legislative stance. ​Undoubtedly, she considers her self to be an Intersectional Feminist. Her work involves advocating for Women’s rights internationally no matter their race, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status and more.