Anudeepa is a junior from Duluth, Georgia. She is passionate about the intersection of public service and technology in forging connections between ‘the average community member’ and the overlooked, financially-struggling individuals hidden among them. She is the founder of Impact Atlanta LLC, an app that provides nonprofit organizations with donations of hard-to-reach resources like clothing, feminine hygiene products, and school supplies by engaging the Georgia community with just a few taps of a phone. She is also the creator of, a website where she shares her opinions on controversial, important current events that reach thousands of viewers from thirteen countries. She has most recently entered the final stages of her website called MemoryTechnology, which is aimed at increasing cognitive-thinking, memory recollection, and short-term dopamine levels for patients of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and Amnesia. Aside from service, Anu is a lover of music and the arts and has performed on many renowned stages, including Carnegie Hall and Hard Rock Cafe. She is interested in making lasting impacts on international public service and is an advocate for female empowerment in underdeveloped areas around the world.