Isabelle is a junior at Davidson Fine Arts School from Augusta, Georgia. She is passionate about raising awareness of sex-trafficking, particularly the role played by social media, because of the lack of discussion about its widespread presence, as well as the topic being dismissed due to social stigma and misunderstanding. Isabelle is involved in initiating conversations on sex-trafficking through her original presentation series that’s mission is to increase awareness of sex-trafficking and identify cultural patterns contributing to the consumer-based cycle. Her role as advocate is to spread awareness, and counteract common misunderstandings of sex-trafficking that often blame victims. Isabelle’s goal is for sex-trafficking education to be included in school curriculum, decreasing both the number of victims and shame associated with them. Isabelle is also passionate about animal rights, which she demonstrates through dedication to vegetarianism. In her free time, Isabelle enjoys musical theatre, attending festivals, traveling, and making memes.