Tara is a junior studying in Zionsville High School in Zionsville, Indiana. She is making a positive impact on her community, driven by the notion that the future of change in communities lies within passionate youth. Tara founded the organization Swimming for All, which aims to end drowning, specifically in children with autism in low-income countries. Her role as president is to ensure that the nonprofit runs smoothly and has the biggest impact on the community possible. As an aspiring businesswoman, Tara’s goal is to use her education to make a greater impact on her community. In her free time, Tara enjoys traveling and watching reality TV. Tara is most excited to learn about how to expand community outreach initiatives and be immersed in a culture of positive change at the HERlead Forum. In addition to ending drowning in children with autism in low-income countries, Tara is passionate about promoting inclusivity throughout her community because she believes no person should be discriminated against simply because of their disability or their background. Tara is known for willing to take risks to change her community.


Swimming for All will provide one-on-one swim clinics for children with disabilities. In addition to lessons, we will provide water safety information and proper gear for swimming.